SR22 Turbo G6

for X-Plane 11.41 / 11.50

- Freeware -

SR22 Turbo G6

for X-Plane 11.41 / 11.50

(Windows only)


The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine four- or five-seat composite aircraft built from 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota. It is a development of the Cirrus SR20, with a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a more powerful, 310-horsepower (231 kW) engine.

The SR22 series has been the world's best-selling general aviation (GA) airplane every year since 2003. With 6,149 units delivered from 2001–19, and in combination with the SR20, a total of 7,645, it is among the most-produced aircraft of the 21st century, and is the single most-produced GA aircraft made from composite material, accounting for over 30% of the entire piston aircraft market.

The Cirrus SR22 is equipped with a whole-plane emergency recovery parachute system: the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This has contributed to its market success and has given it the name "the plane with the parachute".

The G6 model adds new LED wingtip lights and an updated Garmin avionics flight deck (known as "Cirrus Perspective-Plus") with a 10-times faster instrument processing speed and several other upgrades.

The HoldMyBeer SR22 simulates the G6 version, equipped with G1000 and a pseudo Perspective+.

Exclusive modeling

Inside and outside

The SR22T simulation comes with a great 3D-Model, including outside elements like TANIS, GPU, Chocks, Covers and Tiedowns


...that you will like...

- Animated 3D-Model
- EVS (Outside camera)
- Load Manager
- Moving Airport map
- AviTab integration
- ASXP integration
- VATSIM / IVAO integration
- Failures based on wear and tear
- Birdstrike simulation
- Custom Sounds
- Custom Particle Effects
- ADSB Map
- VSD Vertical Situation Display
- Aerodrome Information System
- KeyPad to quickly enter/change the Flightplan
- Quick-Select of ILS Frequencies
- Quick-Select of ATC Frequencies
- Pilot Health simulation
- Digital Checklists in the G1000
- Icing simulation
- Paintkit

Genius Interior

Comfort simulation

Every button, every circuit breaker is clickable

Paintkit available

for your custom liveries

Enjoy creating own liveries! The paintkit is an extra download.

Superb Lighting

...bright nights...

the sea was calm and produced some great reflections

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Full simulation

you constantly have to monitor your flight

Preflight becomes more and more important in this plane


Download SR22T v1.0.3 BETA for X-Plane (Windows only)

Paintkit for v.1.0.3 or greater: Server #1

Frequently asked Questions

The aircraft does not load correctly / There is a guy sitting on my seat
First make sure that there is a file called win.xpl inside your SR22/plugins/SR22_Systems/64 folder. In case that not, your AV-Scanner may have deleted it. If that is not the case, you need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributional packages.

Where is the key to start the engine?
You can find the key inside the Box between the two seats.

I am freezing / hot
Turn ON the aircondition, then move the knobs to 3/4 hot and ventilation mid.

How do I remove covers/chocks/tiedowns/...
Use the Weight and Balance App of the Tablet.

The aircraft looks strange on Mac/Linux
This aircraft is not compatible with Mac or Linux at the moment.

External sounds are the same as internal sounds
This is normal behaviour at the moment. External sounds are at the very end of our list.

Some items do not work in VR
It is not optimized for VR...yet!

How do I enable / disable the YD (Yaw Damper)?
You cant. The G6 is equipped with an automatic YD that is always active 200ft AGL. If you like, you can pop the circuit breaker.

I turned off the tablet, now it is gone.
Look at the right seat.

I always blow my engine.
Do you have a Prop-Axis assigned? Delete that assignment!

Changelog v1.0.3

  • Correction on the model (repaints have to be changed)
  • Paintkit updated (now available as seperate download)
  • New FMOD sounds (thanks to Philipp)
  • Engine overhauled, better climb performance
  • Flap-Speeds changed
  • Electric overhauled (load on busses)
  • AP low speed message now shows correctly
  • Pitot warning only when lower than 5 deg C
  • Baros synced
  • ASXP fixes (not yet complete)
  • Reduced throttle input for startup
  • Fixed Nosewheel disappearing when pilot door is open
  • Cyan FF target / green range
  • Oil Pressure fixed
  • Hot EGT on Cylinder 5 fixed
  • Roll performance is now more sensitive
  • ESP has more power
  • Headset Active Noise cancelling only when Avionics on
  • Luggage Door can be opened/closed via the tablet
  • Sound gets muted for 5 seconds after loading the aircraft
  • New default livery added
  • Some outdated liveries removed
  • AOA Indicator reworked
  • FCOM updated

The Team

...consists of three people...

3D-Modelling: Ben Willim (Shorty)
Avionics/Coding: Till Vennefrohne (Mokny)
FMOD Sounds: Philipp (niki_belucci / eddk24)